A Whale of a Time video contributors

Our media partner, People’s Weather Channel will be airing a number of video clips and films to promote the 2017 World Whale Conference, and we would like to thank all our video contributors for allowing us to use their work to promote the conference.

The People’s Weather channel will be broadcasting ‘A Whale of a Time’ across southern Africa in support of the 2017 World Whale Conference.

WCA Promo With Music and Voice

Producer and Editor, Brunella Battista,

Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society

WCA Promo production/editor credit

Farewell Whale Stranding- Promo Content

Courtesy: Konrad Losch


 Konrad Losch
Conscious Interaction Mozambique

Vision: Arista Fourie

Produced: Darryl Jon Kemp



 Dolphin Center Mozambique
Futurismo Azores Whale Watching:Best of 2012

Miranda van der Linde

Futurismo, Azores Whale Watching

Shine A Light Behind The Scenes

Project Jonah Training Video 1 & 2

Project Jonah

 Project Jonah
Becoming A Whale Heritage Site

Whale Heritage Sites Promotional video,

Vancouver Island

Producer/Director: Alex Finn

Itinerant Productions

 Whale Heritage Sites logoItinerant Productions
WCA Whale Heritage Sites Azores Promo

Whale Heritage Sites Promotional Video Azores

Produced by Summer Dean, Mia Sampietro & Dylan Walker

Whalefest 2015

WCA Partner WhaleFest


Facts about Ocean Plastics


Ocean Literacy

Teaching Ocean Science

Incredible Oceans at Telegraph Outdoor Show 2017

Incredible Oceans Schools Program

Dragnet Challenge

WCA Partner WhaleFest, Incredible Oceans


 Incredible Oceans
La AVENTURA comienza en Julio (Adventure Begins in July)

Ballenas en el Golfo de Bizkaia / Basque Country (Whales in the Gulf of Biskaia/Basque County)

Momentos mágicos (Magical Moments)


Stranded Striped Dolphin and attempted rehabilitation in Spain.

GoPro footage of common dolphins in the Alboran Sea, Spain

Alexander Sanchez

 Alexander Sanchez
South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary

Primeira Vez/First Time

Abrolhos O BercarioMarinho/ Abrolhos The Berçário Marinho

EA_ConhecerParaProteger /Environmental Education, We only Protect What We Know

Enter Baleias e Golfinhos /Among Whales and Dolphins

Amigos Biomar/ Friends

 Instituto Baleia Jubarte, Brazil

 Instituto Baleia Jubarte
Dr Ingrid N. Visser & the Orca Research Trust Swimming with Orca Killer whales

Courtesy: Tim Watters, Fair Projects

Dr Ingrid Visser, The Orca Research Trust, New Zealand

 Fair ProjectsORCA research trust
Auckland Whale and Dolphins Safari -Promo-Short

Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari -Promo – long

Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari, New Zealand

 Auckland W&D safaris
#StopDolphinaria Don’t tell me lies, I have the right to know the truth.



 SOS Delphines
Cape Ann Whale Watch 2016

Producer Haley Plaas

Cape Ann Whale Watch

 Cape Ann Whale Watch
Ischia Dolphin project

Rescue Web

Oceano Mare Delphis Onlus

Marine Mammal Response

David Schofield, Program Manager NOAA’s Pacific Islands Regional Office (PIRO)

Great Barrier Reef Legacy Float The Boat Campaign

Great Barrier Reef Legacy

 Great Barrier Reef legacy
Operation Milagros III Campaign Launch -SSCS- Vaquita

Operation Kimberley Minimbi Documentary

SSCS Returns To The Kimberley

Courtesy SSCS Australia & USA

 Sea Shepherd ops logos
Global Ghost Gear Initiative, Campaign Launch 2017

Courtesy: World Animal Protection

Global Ghost Gear Initiative

 Global Ghost Gear InitiativeWorld Animal Protection
I Am Morgan – Stolen Freedom

Kind Permission: The Independent Filmmakers Heiko Grimm. Carlos Godó Borrás & Irene Buesa García

Free Morgan Foundation

 I am MorganFree Morgan
The Walrus Whisperer

Kind Permission: Phil Demers

 Save SmooshiMayday pictures
Loving Dolphins To Death

Monterey Bay Whale Watch

What Kills Killer Whale?

Should We Continue The Slavery?

The Truth Behind Swimming With Dolphins Navy Dolphins Gitmo Rally

The Dark History Of Killer Whale Captures

The True Story Of SeaWorld

Scuba Film Factory


 SCUBA film factory
Living Like Lolita Bath Tub Challenge, The complete collection.

Courtesy:Danielle Daals & Scuba Film Factory

Scuba Film Factory

 Bathtub Challenge
At The Edge Of The World

Courtesy:Dan Stone

At The Edge of the World Press kit

 At the Edge of the World
Dances with Dolphins

Courtesy: Stéphane Granzotto & François Sarano

 Dances with Dolphins
Botazzi Whale Watch, Argentina



Bottazzi Whale Watch

Welcoming of The Whales Festival Promo


Courtesy: Sodurba Tourism Association & KZN Coast


KZN Whale Coast logoSODURBA logo

Conference Film Evenings

The documentaries below have been generously donated for screening at conference film evenings:


When filmmaker Jonny Zwick learned that endangered Fin whales and Minke whales were being slaughtered for commercial gain in Iceland, he quit his job and moved to Reykjavik for three months to film this archaic practice.

Narrated by Billy Baldwin, BREACH is the first feature documentary on Iceland’s controversial whaling industry. The film exposes the country’s defiant and illegal participation in commercial whale hunting against a backdrop of worldwide debates, international tourism, fierce nationalism, and political intrigue.

Courtesy: Jonny Zwick

In addition to being screening at the conference film evenings, Breach will be aired on the People’s Weather channel as part of A Whale of a Time.

Video contributors - Breach
Inside The Tanks

Inside The Tanks, focuses on what life is like for whales and dolphins in European marine parks, by visiting Marineland, in the South of France.

The documentary is sure to enrich the discussion surrounding captivity, with it’s unique approach, as Presenter and Producer, Jonny Meah, blasts the topic wide open, giving ALL sides of the debate a chance to have their say, with in depth interviews from The Born Free Foundation; Marine Biologist, Ingrid Visser; former Marineland Supervisor, John Hargrove; and in a world exclusive on the topic, an interview with The Zoological Director of Marineland Antibes, Jon Kershaw.

Courtesy: Jonny Meah

Inside the tanks
Operation Jeedara

In August 2016, as part of the Great Australian Bight Alliance, Sea Shepherd sent their flagship vessel, the MY Steve Irwin deep into the Great Australian Bight.

It was an expedition to showcase the beauty of the region that would be lost if BP were allowed to drill for oil there and create a spill of similar or lesser size than their devastating spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Courtesy: Jeff Hansen, Managing Director, Sea Shepherd Australia


In addition to being screening at the conference film evenings, Jeedara  will be aired on the People’s Weather channel as part of A Whale of a Time.

Operation Jeedara Logo
Sonic Sea

Sonic Sea is a 60-minute documentary about the impact of industrial and military ocean noise on whales and other marine life. It tells the story of a former U.S. Navy officer who solved a tragic mystery and changed forever the way we understand our impact on the ocean.

Courtesy: Daniel Hinerfeld, Michelle Dougherty, Tristan Bayer

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Imaginary Forces in association with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Diamond Docs.


Sonic Sea
Souls Of The Vermillion Sea

Souls of the Vermilion Sea is a feature length documentary film about the struggle to save the world’s most endangered marine mammal, the vaquita. The vaquita is found only in the Northern Gulf of California (also known as the Vermilion Sea), and has been in decline since it was discovered in the late 1950s. Today fewer than 100 individuals remain, but there is a dedicated group of researchers and conservationists who have committed their careers to bringing this species back from the brink of extinction.

Courtesy: Matthew Podolsky, WildLens


In addition to being screening at the conference film evenings, Souls Of The Vermillion Sea will be aired on the People’s Weather channel as part of A Whale of a Time.

Souls of the vermillion sea
The Whale Bowl

The Whale Bowl is a short animated documentary following the heartfelt plight of Lolita, the world’s loneliest Orca.


Graduate Film directed by Emily George and animated by Megan Walker.


Courtesy: Emily George


The Whale Bowl