Potential Whale Heritage Sites in Africa

In the lead up to the Whale Heritage Sites Summit, the World Cetacean Alliance is requesting your help with an important online survey to submit any ‘Areas of Interest’ in the African region that you think could qualify for Whale Heritage Site status in future.


Whale Heritage Sites are land and sea areas where people and cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) live close together, and where respectful and sustainable practices lead to responsible tourism, sustainable development, research and education, and the protection of marine species and habitats.


Western Cape, South Africa
Western Cape, South Africa


The results of this survey will be discussed at the Whale Heritage Sites Summit, Durban, South Africa, on 28-29 June 2017, and will form the basis for further dialogue and efforts to encourage the establishment of Whale Heritage Sites across the region.


The survey is open to any interested person, and includes locations across coastal Africa and adjacent island states in the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.

To complete the survey in just 5 minutes, click here!


To find out more about the Whale Heritage Sites Summit click here.

Please share this survey if you know of interested experts in the region.Western Cape, South Africa