Animals in Tourism Auditing: Case study Whale Heritage Sites

Sperm Whales - diving
Sperm whales

This workshop, hosted by ‘Animals In Tourism’ specialists Hayley Lynagh and Jo Hendrickx of Global Spirit, will provide unique information on how to independently audit animal tourism attractions, by using an auditing process which guarantees a consistent and robust assessment against established criteria for the welfare of animals in tourism.

The workshop will focus on streamlining the current audit process for Whale Heritage Sites, which includes criteria aimed at ensuring minimum impacts on cetaceans and the marine environment, developing sustainable practices, encouraging scientific research, and developing educational and celebratory outreach programmes in local communities.

Whilst participants will learn about audit processes using the ‘case study’ of developing Whale Heritage Sites as an effective tool for marine conservation and sustainable tourism development, they will also benefit from a wider appreciation of how to accurately assess and compare wildlife tourism attractions. This knowledge is applicable for tour operators, NGO’s, specialist consultants, and anybody owning a wildlife holiday business and interested in how the travel industry assesses and accredits tourism activities.


About Global Spirit

As ‘Animals In Tourism’ specialists, Global Spirit offers an independent auditing service which guarantees a consistent and robust assessment of global animal attractions against established industry welfare criteria for animals in tourism.

Global Spirit logo
Global Spirit

We provide a valuable resource and support your business in starting or developing your ‘animal footprint’ journey, offering the tools and access to experts which are essential to success and:

Protect relationships with your suppliers by building a good rapport and alleviating concerns around the audit procedure which places you in a greater position of influence.

Integrate animal welfare into your overall CSR approach by also considering the livelihoods of those people who look after them, and the conservation of the destination environments.

Have the unique ability to understand the importance of the commercial considerations, customer satisfaction, and the industry need for practical solutions to what can be a complex issue to manage.

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Hayley Lynagh and Jo Hendrickx

Jo Hendrikx & Hayley Lynah
Jo Hendrickx & Hayley Lynagh, Global Spirit

Global Spirit was co-founded by Hayley Lynagh and Jo Hendrickx to provide the travel industry with professional and independent services which support the implementation of established industry criteria for the use of animals in tourism. Trained in animal welfare and co authors of the Global Spirit’s comprehensive peer reviewed audits, the partners have established themselves as Animals In Tourism Specialists and are committed to supporting positive change within global captive and wild viewing animal attractions.

Hayley’s drive to generate positive change and create opportunities at a community level sparked an initial interest in the responsible tourism agenda which was quickly followed with a move to the tourism industry. Her extensive business skills allowed for an easy career transition where she became recognised within the responsible tourism network and involved in driving the agenda forward. She now harnesses her passion for community development and responsible tourism through the topic of animal welfare.

Jo is a passionate advocate for sustainable tourism, and has dedicated a significant part of her career to working with people to create tourism products which respect the natural environment, improve livelihood opportunities and engage holidaymakers. Galvanising those people to make a difference, together with understanding the importance of delivering benefits to all stakeholders has been key to her success. She continues to a take a ‘solutions focused’ approach to the use of animals in tourism and the people responsible for their welfare.


Workshop Proposal Submission Guidelines

If you wish to submit a proposal to provide a short talk at the Workshop please email as soon as possible with a short summary proposal (less than 300 words).


Organising a workshop

Further info

Workshops are open to all delegates and on all subjects relating to cetaceans. If room space becomes limited, priority will be given to workshops focused on African cetaceans or of likely interest to African participants.

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Workshop fees

Full Day: South African Rand (ZAR) 500 per attendee

Half Day: South African Rand (ZAR) 300 per attendee

**Minimum number of attendees = 10**

(The fee includes use of venue, wireless HD projector, pointers/presenters, complimentary 500MB voucher per delegate, conference stationery, 1 x flip chart with markers, refreshments on arrival/mid-morning/afternoon, bottled water, cordials, sweets and lunch(full day only).)

Workshop organisers and participants are required to be registered conference delegates (delegate fees apply). See